Members Count: 245


What is BTCMeNow?

           BTCMeNow is online fundraising donation platform where you can also earn Bitcoins.

What does it cost?

         It cost one time 0.0085 BTC. 

 Is my personal information protected?

         Any personal information that you provide are privacy protected.

         Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!

Can I have more than one position?

          Yes, you can have as many position as you want.

          More positions may help to cycle faster.

What processor do you use?

         Coin Payments (Bitcoin)

How do I join?

      Join with the links of the person who invited you to our website.

       Or, directly join BTCMeNow.

How do I get paid?

       In the back office click on withdrawal to get paid. 

Can I sign up direct without sponsor?

       Yes you can but it is best to have sponsor you may get spillover! 

How do I promote?

       You can advertise, contact the people you know and or family members and encourage them to join our low cost one time donation of only 0.0085 BTC

Is there refunds?

       No refunds.